Halloween is just around the corner and no doubt you’ll be on the lookout for fun and spooky things to do around the end of October.

Here in Castleton we have the perfect attraction for a weekend away that will delight and terrify you in equal measure. The famous Peak Cavern is being turned into a stunning cinema at the end of the month and it will be screening some horror classics – as well as some family favourites for this time of the year.

The Manchester Evening News revealed that The Conjuring and Poltergeist are both set to be shown in the iconic cave the weekend before Halloween.

On Friday 25 October you can settle in for a screening of The Conjuring, while on Saturday 26 October it will be Poltergeist that’s being shown. If watching either of those movies in the eerie setting of a Peak District cave sounds a little too spooky for you, Sunday’s screening of Ghostbusters might be a better choice.

It’s a great way to mark Halloween with a difference and the perfect excuse for a weekend getaway in the beautiful surroundings of the Peak District.

As the film screenings all start at 7.30pm or 8.30pm, make sure you’ve got a B and B in Castleton Derbyshire booked so that you don’t have a long drive home when the films finish.

There’s plenty to do during the day around Castleton as well. Explore one of the other caves that this area is famous for – an underground boat ride to the ‘Bottomless Pit’ in Speedwell Cavern will be memorable and a little eerie. Or you can visit Treak Cliff Cavern to see the incredible stalactites and stalagmites that have grown in the underground chamber.

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