If you’re visiting Derbyshire, or staying with us in Castleton, there are a many delights right on the doorstep to explore. Castleton is an outstandingly pretty village situated at the head of the lovely Vale of Hope, in the heart of the Derbyshire Peak District National Park.

Castleton is surrounded on three sides by steep hills and the mighty bulk of Mam Tor looms high, two miles to the north west of the village. On a hill, overlooking Castleton, is the ancient Peveril Castle.

There are many beautiful walks in Derbyshire, but for something a little different, Castleton has four underground show caves, all worth a visit, for their own interesting features. These are Blue John Cavern, Speedwell Cavern, Treak Cliff Cavern and Peak Cavern.

Blue John Cavern and Treak Cliff contain the treasured, pretty blue and yellow fluorspar called Blue John. It was first mined at Treak Cliff and by 1770, 16 mines were extracting the stone and selling it to several firms in Derbyshire who turned it into ornaments, vases, clocks and jewellery. Blue John is only found in this area of Britain, and small pieces of the mineral are still plentiful, large pieces are now rare.

Peak Cavern is the source of the village river, Peakshole Water and as such it is the only Cavern that has to be closed during the winter due to flooding. In the mouth of the cave, the largest in Britain, rope makers use to live and work. Their cottages have been demolished but ‘rope walks’ are still to be found. The show cave is only part of a much larger cave system which attracts cavers from all over the world.

Speedwell Cavern is special because the main workings and its ‘bottomless pit’ can only be reached by boat along an underground canal.

If you’re interested in visiting the caves, and looking for pet friendly accommodation in Castleton, then get n touch today.

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