Castleton is a treasure trove of historic and natural beauty, one that offers so much for those willing to explore its beautiful hills, castles and caves.

The ideal time to visit is spring, so if you are considering booking a bed and breakfast in Castleton for your next holiday, here are places you must visit.

Peveril Castle

Castleton is named after is looked over by the ruins of the imposing Peveril Castle, a fortress so ancient it is mentioned in the original Domesday book. It is currently part of English Heritage, one of our links to our medieval past.

Climbing up to the castle at the top of the hill offers some of the most breathtaking views in the country, with Kinder Scout and the Hope Valley simply stunning.

Garland Day

One of Castleton’s fondest traditions takes place on Oak Apple Day, every 29th May and celebrating the reclamation of the throne by King Charles II. The Garland is a headdress worn by the King,  shaped like a beehive and lavishly covered with wild flowers.

The celebration reenacts the Garland procession, with music and dancing and a procession led by horseback.

Blue John Cavern

Near Castleton, and accessible with guided tours are four beautiful show caverns. Of these, Blue John Cavern may be the most famous, with its beautiful stalactite formations and veins of beautiful Blue John stone.

Along with this fascinatingly beautiful sight is Peak cavern’s river system, the old lead mine Speedwell Cavern and the beautiful cave formations of Treak Cliff Cavern.

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