There are many great outdoor challenges that can involve visiting the Peak District, from setting off on the Pennine Way to adding to a mountain tick list with peaks such as Kinder Scout and Bleaklow.

However, there is another tick list that can be completed entirely within the national park – visiting all the Peak District trig points.

Trig points have long been used for map-making, helping geographers measure distances and topography. The Peak District contains 88, making this a manageable list, but one that involves some fantastic walks through wonderful scenery, with great views to enjoy. It was devised as a new challenge by the Peak District Walks website in 2019 and several people have now completed it.

If you are visiting the national park from affair, it makes sense to book some Castleton accommodation, because the High Peak is where many of the national park’s trigs can be found, not least on the Kinder plateau.

The plateau has three trigs, at Kinder Low and above Sandy Heys (both on or near the Pennine Way) and towards its eastern end north-east of the stone outcrop of Ringing Roger.

It is worth noting that none of these mark the true top of the mountain, which is a 636 M (2,088 ft) spot height east of Kinder Low and can be difficult to find without an altimeter.

Closer still to Castleton is the circular trig on Mam Tor, an easy walk up from the village, while continuing west from there along Rushup Edge will lead to the trig on Brown Knoll. In the other direction, a path from nearby Hope leads to the summit of Win Hill with its trig.

With some fine walking to enjoy as well as a list to tick, a trip to Castleton will be a great way to get started on this challenge.

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