There are few places as fascinating as Castleton, located in the centre of three separate hills and surrounded by miles of stunningly beautiful Peak District scenery around it.

As it is a village steeped in both natural and historic importance, there are so many fascinating facts to talk about the city, so here are just five of the most interesting facts we can think of about the village.

Three Peaks

Castleton is in Hope Valley and is surrounded on three of its sides by hills which together make up the Great Ridge. This nearly two-mile expanse runs from Mam Tor, across Back Tor and up to Lose hill.

This is a large reason why Castleton is an incredibly popular destination for hikers, as the mix of unique paths and breathtaking scenery is irresistible.

Garland Day

Arguably the most famous feast day in the village and the time many tourists book stays in bed and breakfasts in Castleton for, Oak-Apple Day or Garland Day is a tradition that dates back to 1660 and celebrated the restoration of King Charles II.

An elaborate beehive of flowers is placed over the Garland King’s head and shoulders, whilst he and his lady are paraded through the village on horseback.

 It is an unforgettable occasion that has endured for centuries.

Blue John Stone

Castleton is known for its show caves, but did you know that one of these caves is the only place to find Blue John stone in the UK? It is found in just two caves, Treak Cliff and Blue John Cavern, both around Castleton.

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