One of the best reasons to book a stay in Castleton B and B Peveril House is to get out and about in some of the very best countryside that Great Britain has to offer – and if you love nothing more than doing some wildlife spotting while on holiday in Derbyshire, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

The region really is a haven for creatures great and small, and you’ll have a wonderful time trying to scratch as many of them off your list as you possibly can.

First of all, keep your eyes well peeled for Chinese water deer, easy to distinguish from other types of deer because they look a little bit like teddy bears, with big fluffy ears and little black noses. The males also have tusks instead of canine teeth – so it’s a very interesting animal to look at indeed!

While grey squirrels are a very common sight around the country, their red counterparts are a little more elusive – but you have a good chance of seeing them in our neck of the woods.

And if you’re near waterways, always be on the lookout for European otters, although they’re hard to find so you’ll be very lucky if you do see them. Walk along riverbanks and see if you can spot five-toed footprints or droppings (also known as spraints) in places like weirs and fallen trees.

Apparently, these spraints serve as scented messages to help otters find mates and defend their territories, containing fish bones that reportedly smell rather like jasmine tea.

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