In the world of music, many bands and artists are waiting for that one moment that will help them break out of the spotlight and move beyond local gigs to become a national sensation. For Castleton-based indie rock band Drenge, that breakout moment was a resignation.

Made up initially of the Loveless brothers, Eoin and Rory, Drenge started their band as a two-piece with the former on guitar and vocals, whilst the latter played drums in a few small gigs in Castleton accommodation and the pair gained a small following before their move to Sheffield in 2014.

The name itself came from their mutual love of Danish films and the Dogme 95 radical filmmaking movement, a movement based around the idea of unadulterated cinema that would ultimately shape their raw garage rock music.

According to a story later repeated by Guardian journalist Paul Lester, the pair were playing football casually with some Danish players only to hear them yell “drenge” at each other, which roughly translates to “boys” but also sounds sludgy and grungy enough to fit the music they had been making.

Initially, they had built a small following with an exceptionally raw style inspired by a lot of indie acts at the time such as The Black Keys, The White Stripes and the Arctic Monkeys and built up a small following in Castleton and Sheffield.

However, their success would take off in July 2013 via a rather unexpected source.

Tom Watson, the general election coordinator for the Labour Party at the time, resigned from his Shadow Cabinet position as the result of a dispute over the nomination of a replacement for MP Eric Joyce as the MP for Falkirk.

In his resignation letter, he lamented that politicians could not be seen to listen to music and go to music festivals despite that being a love of his, and specifically named Drenge as an “awesome band” to see.

A month later, they would release their debut self-titled album, hire a bassist in Rob Graham and would release their first single Bloodsports, which would quickly be used in adverts for the superhero comedy-drama Misfits.

They have released two further albums since then, one in 2015 and one in 2019 but have largely remained quiet regarding a further tour since 2020.

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