One of the top sights to go and see from your Castleton B&B is the ruins of Peveril Castle, which is perched on top of a rocky outcrop in the Derbyshire Peaks, towering above the beautiful town of Castleton.

The castle itself was built on the site just after the Norman Conquest in 1066, overlooking the Hope Valley and the Peak Cavern (also known as the Devil’s Arse!). It was named after William Peveril, the keeper of the Royal Forest, with the castle intended to help monitor the local area, which included lead and silver mines, as well as hunting grounds.

Remains of the stone construction are still very much in evidence and if you take a close look, you’ll see some stunning examples of herringbone masonry, with the stonework laid in alternating patterns.

The castle was forfeited by William’s son to King Henry II as recompense for having fought in a war against the king’s mother. The keep was added in around 1174, with some of the other buildings rebuilt at around that time, as well.

Castleton itself was established about 100 years after the castle, laid out in the late 12th century, so make sure you have a good wander around after you’ve climbed up to take a look at the fortress. You can find the oldest part of the village by the river, Peakshole Water near Cavern Walk.

There are some amazing walking opportunities here, including Mam Tor (the Shivering Mountain) and Winnats Pass, so make sure you pack your hiking boots!

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