It has been described as a tranquil land sheltered on all of its sides by protective peaks, and when Matt Smith and an all-star cast and crew arrived in Castleton, they knew that it was indeed the case.

The HBO series House of the Dragon, a prequel to the long-running series Game of Thrones, was filmed in a wide range of locations along with an advanced virtual production stage.

However, alongside the likes of Cáceres and Trujillo in Spain, Monsanto in Portugal and other locations in Croatia and Malta, many scenes in the series were filmed in the United Kingdom, including many scenes that took place in Castleton and its gorgeous surroundings.

The Vale of Arryn, often known simply as the Vale is a kingdom to the east of the continent of Westeros, surrounded almost completely by the Mountains of the Moon, with a castle nestled within those peaks somewhat infamous for featuring a “moon door” that sends people off of a cliff.

Given its mix of fertile meadows, beautiful mist, woods and a temperate climate, Castleton was a strikingly perfect location to bring such a unique location to life, and it is one of the few locations in House of the Dragon where so much of its natural beauty is available to explore and visit for yourself.

Prior to filming in Castleton, the Vale of Arryn was a CGI composition primarily formed from the Meteora rock formations in Greece combined with landscape base plates from Northern Ireland, but the use of the arresting sights of Castleton provides a much more vivid image of a vivid location.

It is far from the only fantasy television show filmed in Castleton, with Cave Dale featuring in The Princess Bride, whilst other parts of the caves were extensively used in an adaptation of C.S. Lewis’s The Silver Chair from 1990.

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