There are few places so surrounded by natural and historic beauty as Castleton, and because of this, there are several amazing walking routes of different lengths for all levels of fitness.

Whilst the local area has had some particularly cold weather, the particular trails are easily enjoyed year-round so long as you are prepared and know there are places to stay in Castleton to rest afterwards.

Here are some of the best walking routes in Castleton.

Market Square to Peak Cavern

One of the best routes to see a lot of Castleton’s local sites takes just an hour to see some of Castleton’s most beautiful sights. Make sure you have some grippy hiking shoes, however, as it is occasionally quite a steep route.

From the top of the square, take a narrow path into Cavedale, a narrow limestone valley which leads to Peveril Castle above it. If you continue along to a place where a drawbridge was you can find Peak Cavern, which provides a fantastic view of Castleton Village itself.

Once there, there is a path to your left which takes you to Goosehill and back to the market square itself.

Across Mam Tor

One of the most popular routes to see what Castleton has to offer begins by travelling up to Winnats Pass via Goosehill and Speedwell Cavern.

Once there, there is a path that leads to the top of Mam Tor, showcasing a beautiful view of Hope Valley, as well as Edale Valley and Kinder Scout. Following this path takes you to Hollins Cross, which will lead back to the road to Castleton itself.

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