Whether you’re simply visiting for the day or have booked a lovely Castleton B&B in order to enjoy a long weekend in the beautiful village, there are many different fun and exciting activities to enjoy in and around Castleton that are fun for the whole family.

Castleton has some amazing scenery and therefore it is brilliant for those who enjoy walking and exploring. The climb up Cave Dale is great fun and when you reach the top there are incredible views of Peveril Castle on offer which makes it well worth the hike.

There is a circular walk that you can follow which takes you all the way to the top of Cave Dale and back round again to the village which enables you to get the best views and experiences of walking through the rocky terrain.

Another great hike is to the top of Mam Tor. Mam Tor is a hill that overlooks the village, sitting at over 500m tall! This is a popular walk which can often get busy and is a good option for those wanting something slightly less taxing than the Cave Dale hike.

If you enjoy the views of the castle, why not consider visiting it as well! Peveril Castle is one of the earliest known Norman fortresses in England. The entrance is close to the square in the village and tickets can be bought online.

This is a great trip for those wanting to experience history first-hand and walk through a real-life castle. This would be fun for the whole family as even small children will enjoy the wonders of the ruins of the castle.

Finally, why not simply spend some time enjoying the village? With plenty of cafes, stores and pretty places to sit and enjoy the day, Castleton has so much life and history to offer to all its visitors.

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