Run for your lives, as packs of dinosaurs have invaded Derbyshire parks this summer. Thankfully, it’s not a case of Jurassic Park-style mayhem with the prehistoric beasts running amok in the streets, but a scheme by North East Derbyshire District Council.

The Derby Telegraph reports that the council have teamed up with the Love Exploring app, which uses technology similar to the popular Pokemon Go app, to fill the streets and parks with virtual dinosaurs, beasts, and even planets for children to explore and find.

Using a camera on a smartphone, children can find the hidden beasts using a built-in map. The locations of the virtual creatures are supported by a guided dinosaur safari and spacewalk, and there are further events planned for the summer, as a means of getting families out and about and entertained.

Tom Matthews, the creative mind behind the app, said: “As a father, I am always on the lookout for good activities that we can enjoy as a family. Parks have so many stories to tell but they aren’t always easy to discover.

“The Love Exploring app uncovers the stories and then presents them in ways for everyone to enjoy. I wanted to ensure that Love Exploring was an app that both children and adults could engage with.”

He explained that whether you’re a child seeking fun and games, such as a treasure hunt or hide and seek, or if you’re a grown-up wanting to explore the history of your local park and its nature trails, the app will bring the park to life through games and sounds, taking you on an immersive journey.

The app is free to use and can be downloaded on IOS or Android.

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