Staycations are set to become even more popular, as more and more Brits are choosing against air travel because of its damaging effect on the environment.

According to the latest figures from, 11 per cent of Brits who want to reduce their carbon footprint are considering no longer flying, representing around seven million holidaymakers around the UK.

As a result, this could mean more jetsetters turn their attention to some of our country’s own beautiful locations and holiday in Britain – such as the picturesque Derbyshire village of Castleton – instead.

Research from the price comparison site revealed 23 per cent of those who are boycotting planes are doing so to slow down climate change, and as much as 39 per cent are reconsidering long-haul flights due to the pollution caused by aeroplanes.

Head of travel at Wouter Van Dijik said this is the ‘Attenborough effect’, after Sir David Attenborough made the public aware of the damage of pollution on the environment in recent documentaries, such as Our Planet.

He stated: “The Attenborough effect is making many people wake up to the fact that flying abroad for their holidays may not be having the best impact on the environment. It is great to see that people are beginning to take this into consideration when booking their holidays.”

Those now considering a holiday in the UK instead of heading abroad could enjoy a lovely break in the Peak District village of Castleton, situated between limestone and gritstone peaks, and lying in the lee of Man Tor, a 517-metre tall hill known locally as ‘Shivering Mountain’.

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