One of the most exciting parts of going on holiday is trying lots of delicious regional food and if you’re planning on visiting Derbyshire and the Peak District over the next few weeks, you’ll find you really are spoiled for choice in this regard.

First of all, of course, you must try famed local dessert the Bakewell pudding. This has been around since 1860, originating from the market town of Bakewell, and characterised by an almond and egg custard, strawberry jam and a puff pastry case.

Something else you simply must try are Derbyshire oatcakes which, despite the name, are completely different to the Scottish variation that you may already be familiar with. They’re usually fried or grilled and you can top them with anything your heart desires, from savoury to sweet.

Should you find yourself in Hartington, meanwhile, you’ll find an amazingly rich history of cheese production, home to Hartington Stilton. Visit the local cheese shop and you’ll find a vast array of different varieties – the perfect place to pick up a few presents for the folks back home.

For those of you who don’t have much of a sweet tooth and find yourselves perusing menus at dinner time, why not go for a Derbyshire fidgety pie? This is a delicious and very hearty option, featuring apple, potatoes, onions and bacon, all topped with shortcrust pastry. That’ll put hairs on your chest!

Finish your meal off with some Buxton pudding, similar to the modern-day crumble but with a thin layer of jam in the middle. You certainly won’t be leaving Derbyshire with an empty stomach!

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